Lightweight data exchange framework for building scalable, robust and secure cloud applications
JSON platform is platform independent and supports all modern databases and application development technologies. It is built in pure Java and integrates any database with any web or mobile application. It offers a distributed architecture and applications built on this platform are highly scalable and can utilize the cloud resources to their fullest extent.
JSON Platform is built to support rapid application development. It provides several reusable components for data access, reporting, emailing and validations to speed up the development process allowing the developers to focus on the core business logic.


Develop RESTful APIs in Minutes

JSON Platform interface provides intelligent API wizards to help develop the APIs quickly and easily. Creating an API is as easy as writing the SQL or the Stored Procedure to access or store the required data from or into any database.

Highly Secure APIs

All the APIs created on JSON platform are accessible via secure URLs only. Additionally the APIs require a unique authentication key for each database. The knowledge of this API key remains within the application that is being used to access the data making it extremely secure.


Tabular and Graphical Reports in Minutes

JSON Platform provides powerful reporting wizards to help create any type of tabular or graphical report directly from the APIs. The data is automatically formatted to produce stunning visual analytics that can be plugged into any online application with one line of code.

High Performance Dashboards

JSON Platform uses the technology that enables the development of complex dashboard analytics in no time. The dashboards can load multiple reports from different datasources within seconds. All the reports load independently providing a great user experience and a high performance dashboard.


Email Templates

Manage Email Templates

JSON Platform provides an interface for managing the email templates for your application. These email templates can be used to send out emails using simple API calls. In case these templates require any change then they can easily be updated without affecting the code.

SMTP Integration Ensures Deliverability

JSON Platform is already integrated with various SMTP services making it easier for application developers to send out emails from their applications. Developers no longer need to worry about dealing with code to send emails and ensure proper deliverability. JSON Platform takes care of it automatically.

API Connectors

Easy API Integration

JSON Platform provides connector libraries for integrating the APIs and Reports into the application in a few simple steps. The developers simply need to pass the API URL, parameters and the API key to these API calling functions and get well defined language specific objects in return.

Application Templates

JSON Platform provides application templates already integrated with APIs to handle most of the basic functionality of web and mobile applications. These application templates serve as a starting point and save a lot of time during application development.